Equação IT is a company that works in the technological market in Portugal and aims to provide consulting and advising services to our clients whether providing IT services or professional recruitment which will meet each interest of our clients.


Outsourcing has increasingly become the perfect solution for big, small, and medium-sized enterprises to keep up with the exponential growth in the technological world. Equação IT connects the best talents to the right skills to meet your company’s real needs at the right time and cost. We have a highly qualified consulting team either remotely or in person in order to deliver outstanding results to our clients ensuring efficiency and commitment. We continuously monitor the professionals so they can have the necessary support in order to perform their roles with quality.


Because of the strong growth of the IT market in Portugal and Europe, more Brazilian professionals have started to search for a career abroad and they see Portugal as a potential country for this challenge. We at Equação IT are aligned with this reality, and we have the know-how to guide these professionals through this adaptation. Besides that, we are also able to give them some legal support along with our highly experienced partners.


Development and Maintenance of Web Pages. We offer consultancy to your company whether it is a beginner or just in need of new ideas and suggestions for a logo design, web page, or visual identity.